Missed Out Gems from The House & Techno Show for January 2021, part. 3

Hello, this is the last selection of tunes that I couldn’t fit into January’s House & Techno Show. Dancing thought chilled sounds, thumping techno and ballistic breakbeats. Swipe through to check out the awesome tunes and artwork on show today.

Overmono — Verbosa // Starting off with a relaxed and melodic cut of house music. Progressive in nature as its opens up and breaks down with detailed purpose. Pulsating clicks and moving percussive elements give this track a groove while gorgeous synths surround the enchanting lead. Phenomenal start.

Mani Festo — Titan // Kicking up the energy as we jump into a jungle bomb. Blisteringly powerful breakbeats rattle along with cuts off sharp bass tones and in other parts silky but dark pads. Manic, chaotic and encapsulating in all the best ways!

TEK-95 — Don’t Step To My Face // Keeping the energy high with some tough electro beats. An incredible and hefty bassline is complimented with sublimely saturated drums and hit-hats. Featuring cuts of MC vocals too, this is one is rough and ready to go!

Christopher Joseph — Leaving Ringworld // Bringing it back to another cut of thumping techno. A sublime groove captures you from the very start. Shimmering pads and melodic content add a magical sense of atmosphere to the record. An absolute masterclass in rhythmic hypnotic techno.

Technasia & DJ Skull — Acid Storm // Finishing this month’s selections with a stellar piece of 90’s techno. Minimal in arrangement but it says so much with it, packing a punch with every twist and turn. The repeating stab melody line will capture your attention but with how inescapable the groove is, you’ll be nodding your head and dancing in no time.

If you’ve enjoyed these selections make sure to check out The House & Techno Show for January 2021 now available on my Soundcloud.



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